Custom Builds Are Only an Email Away

Custom Builds Are Only an Email Away

At Servers & More, we love building computers. We love building and testing servers. We enjoy assembling workstations. We celebrate the opportunity to piece together a new gaming computer. But we usually build custom machines for our datacenter customers.

tech building a server

We want to build a custom server, workstation, or gaming PC for you! And all it takes from you is a quick note sent through our contact page. Simply leave your name and email address and give us a short description of what you’re looking for. We will then be in contact with you to give you price quotes, substitutions, or clarification.

Example 1

If you’re looking for a new server, let us know the chassis size, and your preferences on CPU, RAM, and/or motherboard. Your message should look like this: 

contact us sample post 1

We will then respond with multiple options and builds, including their prices. We want to help you get the best server for your budget, so feel free to send clarifying questions or to ask about substitutions to lower prices or improve performance. 

Just starting with your general specs will be enough to get the ball rolling on your perfect server! 

Example 2

If you want to build a new workstation for your college-bound child, let us know what you are looking for with the contact form: 

contact us sample post 2

One of our favorite pet projects is customizing laptops. We often buy in bulk and then upgrade the components, so our technicians have powerful workstations anywhere in the office. We can send you the updated specs for a laptop as well as the parts list for a traditional desktop PC. 

Then it becomes a question of preference. Will your student want to bring their laptop everywhere, which does allow the freedom to work on assignments anywhere they are comfortable. Or, does your student want a desktop in the dorm while using their tablet to take notes on campus? Obviously, the laptop is the cheaper choice, but sometimes, comfort outweighs price. 

Example 3

Maybe you don’t want a custom build, but you are interested in the “more” part of Servers & More. We get new inventory regularly, and not all of it gets listed right away. 

contact us sample post 3

Coincidentally, we do have some illuminated fish tanks. While our bread and butter are servers, workstations, and computer components, we can keep an eye out for your rare finds. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will start looking for you. 

Obviously, we cannot guarantee that we will find everything requested, but we are more likely to buy those truly obscure items if we know one of our customers wants them. 


You can browse our collection of servers, motherboard bundles, and more, but if you are not seeing what you need, we just might be able to build or find it for you. Simply give us your name, email address, and a description of what you need, and we will give you options to choose from! 

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