Highlighting Custom Builds

Highlighting Custom Builds

One of the services we offer is the fully customized server build. We do not list these servers on our website because you have not asked for them yet! We encourage you to reach out to us using our contact page and to let us know what type of server you are looking for or what kind of tasks your server needs to handle. 

Some of our clients have reached out for custom systems, so we wanted to take a moment to show the types of servers we’ve built. We can build duplicate or similar machines, so if any of these looks perfect for your needs, reach out for a price quote. Often, the first hurdle of any new tech project is an idea of the hardware you need to get started, and while we have several complete servers available, sometimes you need to see what others are using for their projects. 

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2U Supermicro H12DSi with Dual AMD EPYC 7763 and 1TB RAM 

One of our clients needed a powerhouse server with 16TB of storage capacity, so we delivered this dual-EPYC server for under $10,000. This 2U server was loaded with the following: 

  • Supermicro H12DSi motherboard 
  • Dual AMD EPYC 7763 CPUs – each with 64 cores, 128 threads, and a base clock of 2.45GHz 
  • Dual Dynatron 2U heatsinks 
  • 1TB (16 x 64GB) DDR4 Reg ECC 3200MHz RAM 
  • 4x Micron 7400 PRO 3.84TB NVMe hotswap drives 
  • LSI 9361 2GB cache SAS3 hardware RAID card with CacheVault 
  • Dual 920 Platinum power supplies 

This server offers excellent uptime potential, particularly thanks to its RAID card protecting the 16TB of data. It is built to handle heavy task loads with ease, thanks to its powerful dual processors and fast RAM. 

Plus, thanks to the 2U chassis and dual 920 Platinum power supplies, this is a surprisingly quiet server. If noise is a concern for you, we would recommend avoiding 1U servers. While the smaller size is great for tighter fits, 1U servers tend to scream under pressure. 

2U Supermicro H11DSi v2.0 with Dual AMD EPYC 7571 and 512GB RAM 

This custom 2U server offers slightly lower specs to the previous custom build, but that small dip in power saved the client thousands of dollars. Our client snatched this server for less than $2,500! Check out the hardware below: 

  • Supermicro H11DSi v2.0 motherboard 
  • Dual AMD EPYC 7571 CPUs – each with 32 cores, 64 threads, and a base clock of 2.1GHz 
  • Dual Dynatron 2U heatsinks 
  • 512GB (16 x 32GB) DDR4 Reg ECC 2133MHz RAM 
  • 8x HGST 1.2TB 10K RPM drives 
  • LSI 9271 hardware RAID card with CacheVault 
  • Intel chipset dual port 10G NIC 
  • Dual 920 Platinum power supplies 

Although this server may not run as fast as the previously mentioned 2U system, it is a powerhouse of data management with battery backup in case of a power failure. It is a quiet system with loads of storage capacity and fast components to finish tasks quickly and efficiently. And by using components that are a slight downgrade from the above server, this client was able to save nearly $7,500! 

2U TYAN Tomcat SX S8026 with AMD EPYC 7571 and 512GB RAM 

The final custom server we want to highlight is also the cheapest server on this list, costing under $1,500. This is a bare-bones server, lacking drives to manage data, but it still offers excellent performance thanks to the following components: 

  • TYAN Tomcat SX S8026 motherboard 
  • AMD EPYC 7571 – 32 cores, 64 threads, and a base clock of 2.1GHz 
  • 2U heatsink 
  • 512GB (16 x 32GB) DDR4 Reg ECC 2400MHz RAM 

Acting as a starter server, this build gave our client the option to upgrade based on their needs. Maybe they had drives from a dead server that they still needed to use, so they installed them directly into this new server. Perhaps they wanted to buy expansions separately and use this server as a starting point for their dream machine. 

No matter how you cut it, our client got a lot of power and efficiency for a great price! 


And you can also get a great price by contacting us with your server needs. Whether you are buying one of our pre-built systems or want something with extra muscle, we will build it and test it before shipping it to you! Don’t feel limited to the list of servers we have online. If you have a project in mind, let us help you design the best server for your needs. 

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