Take Advantage of Low Memory Prices

Take Advantage of Low Memory Prices

Network World recently reported that memory prices might have reached their lowest point. While prices may not shoot up overnight, they are just as unlikely to drop much lower. 

This means it is a great time to take advantage of these prices and to buy a new system or to upgrade your memory on an existing PC. 

At Servers & More, we offer a wide range of hardware products, including servers and motherboard/CPU bundles, many of which come with a full stack of RAM. If you enjoy customizing your system, we also offer a build-your-own-bundle system with many of our motherboards. 


Perhaps the best way to take advantage of lower memory prices is to buy a fully loaded server. Most rackmount servers already offer greater power and customization than traditional desktop PCs, but when RAM prices are up, many network administrators will save money and, in the process, hobble their servers’ power. 

Some server boards offer two dozen or more DIMM slots, but if you’ve been saving money on memory, you probably aren’t using your server to its fullest capacity. Speed up your operations by upgrading your existing servers’ RAM or by buying a new server packed with all the memory it can handle. 

One common misconception about servers is that they are only suitable for businesses. Perhaps you want to automate parts of your home, like outdoor lights or air conditioning. Maybe you want to store your music and movies, protecting yourself from losing access to your favorite shows just because a streaming service stopped paying for the rights. Whatever the reason, a home server is a powerful solution for those who want total control of their digital lives at home. 

PC Bundles 

Whether you are building your next workstation or gaming PC, you can give yourself a little extra muscle by packing all the DIMM slots with RAM sticks. 

Many of our PC bundles offer a motherboard, a CPU, RAM, a hard drive, and a CPU fan or heat sink for a lower price than if you bought each of the components sold separately. All you need to provide is the case and the power supply. 

We even offer server bundles, making life a little easier for anyone upgrading or building their rackmount servers. You know better than anyone what kind of system you need on your next server, so take advantage of the lower memory prices by buying a server board with a CPU and a full stack of RAM. 

DIY Bundles 

A Servers & More exclusive is customized bundles with the purchase of a motherboard. Simply find the motherboard you want, select a compatible CPU, and load it up with RAM. 

These bundles are for the customers who are ready to build their own system and want a head start on the process. This solution is perfect for anyone upgrading an existing system or building from scratch. You will have to provide your own case, power supply, and hard drive, but with the money you saved bundling the motherboard with a CPU and RAM, you’ll be able to spend a bit more on your other components. 

Plus, as our bundles only show compatible components, you don’t have to waste hours researching motherboards, CPUs, and RAM, only to find that one of your choices is not fully compatible. There’s nothing more frustrating than thinking that you’ve picked the perfect memory because the CPU specs can support it, but the motherboard does not. 


RAM prices are not likely to drop any lower than they have, so now is a great time to take advantage of these prices. Whether you are upgrading an existing system or building from scratch, give your computer some added speed by installing the best memory your motherboard and CPU can handle. 

We want to help you take advantage of these prices by offering servers, PC bundles, and motherboard bundles! Our team of engineers build servers for our data center, so they know the hardware we are selling. We test our motherboards, components, and servers to ensure that only the best equipment leaves our warehouse!

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