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2U Gigabyte Dual AMD EPYC 9754 256 CORES! 768G DDR5 107TB NVMe Crazy Fast Server

2U Gigabyte Dual AMD EPYC 9754 256 CORES! 768G DDR5 107TB NVMe Crazy Fast Server

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R283-Z92 2U Dual EPYC - check out Gigabyte's site for the full server details.

This is newest generation powerhouse server, a whopping 256 cores, as good as it gets right now! This isn't a server for your home. It screams under full load due to the amount of heat these CPUs put out. These rack servers should be in datacenters and away from humans when doing full load tasks! This Gigabyte server is one of the fastest dual CPU server right now and runs laps around older generation gear! We have tons of upgrades in stock, including more RAM, add-on 100/200G NICs, NVMe like 12.8TB Gen 4, etc.

  • 2U Rack-mountable chassis with (2) hot plug redundant power supplies, 12 bay 3.5" hot pluggable NVMe bays +4x rear 2.5" SATA 3
  • Dual AMD EPYC Bergamo 9754 - Totaling 256 cores, 512 threads, a monster! We have other CPUs in stock, like the 9554 - 64 core high clock
  • 768GB (24 x 32GB) DDR5 SK HYNIX Reg ECC RAM to populate all channels. We have plenty of RAM in stock for upgrades
  • 7x new Samsung PM1733 15.4TB Gen 4 drives - zero usage, high endurance 5x open ports
  • 2x 1G Intel NICs, 1x dedicated IPMI/management (lots of add-on NICs on hand)
  • ConnectX-6 1x 100G NIC
  • Plenty of open expansion slots, along with a OCP3 for quick adding of an add-on card
  • Ships with factory box and rack side rails.

Add up the parts and you will see the killer deal here.

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