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Altair Lighting Reversible Arm LED Chandelier | Bronze Finish | Dimmable

Altair Lighting Reversible Arm LED Chandelier | Bronze Finish | Dimmable

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Picking a chandelier is rarely just about the light it will produce. You want a style that matches your aesthetic and a design that is easy on the eyes. Fortunately, the Reversible Arm LED Chandelier from Altair Lighting offers design and function in spades!

Using five LED lights, this chandelier offers loads of illumination. The included bulbs are tinted to help reduce eye strain, offering a soft-white glow when powered on. Plus, this chandelier supports dimmer switches. The assembly easily screws together, and the instructions offer clear guidance if you’re new to installing ceiling lights.

We set the light up with the bulbs facing upwards, and we were struck by the rustic satin bronze material. If we want a new look, it’s easy to rotate the arms 180 degrees, making the bulbs face downwards. This chandelier does not include any installation tools, so make sure to look at the manual (linked below) to ensure you have the necessary tools to install this light.

Check out the specs and instructions here.

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