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Black Box 4K HDBASET HDMI Video Extender Kit (VX-HDB-KIT)

Black Box 4K HDBASET HDMI Video Extender Kit (VX-HDB-KIT)

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If you’ve got a home lab powering your media, you need a video extender, and the Black Box VX-HDB-KIT is a great solution for getting your 4K video from your home server to your television. This video extender has a maximum transmission distance of 131 feet for 4K and 2K or 229 feet for 1080p.

One of the standout features of this kit is its support of bidirectional power-over-cable. Once one of the devices is connected to power, you can use a single CAT5e or CAT6a cable to provide both signal and power to the second device. This allows you to save power and an electrical plug.

This kit is new in box with all pieces, accessories, mounting ears, and manuals. Don’t miss your opportunity to upgrade your home lab with a fantastic video extender!

Check out the video extender specs here.

This product has a 1-day handling time.

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