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Black Box BDS-8 Dynamic Detection Display with Floor Stand

Black Box BDS-8 Dynamic Detection Display with Floor Stand

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Give your employees or visitors a since of security with the Black Box BDS-8 Dynamic Detection Display with Floor Stand. This facial detector offers multiple functions, including contactless temperature measurement, mask detection, and facial recognition. Whether you are protecting your business or event from communicable diseases, or you want to make sure those entering your location are supposed to be there, this device offers the functionality you need.

The display screen offers a screen resolution of 800x1280 pixels on its 8-inch non-touch screen. The camera has a resolution of 2 million pixels. This system can store up to 30,000 faces, so it can operate as a check-in system for known visitors and employees. The camera is quick to activate and scan, so you won’t have huge lines of people waiting for a scan.

When it is not scanning faces and measuring temperatures, you can set the BDS-8 to display your branded signage. This bundle comes with a floor stand, and the adjustable base allows you to angle the camera as needed.

We’re selling the Black Box Dynamic Detection Display bundle in their original boxes, one for the detector and two for the floor stand. Setup is quick, and most users will be able to get everything put together and powered up in less than a half hour.

Check out the BDS-8 specs here.

This product has a 1-day handling time.

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