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Black Box CCTV 16-Port Passive Hub (IC562A)

Black Box CCTV 16-Port Passive Hub (IC562A)

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Replace your bulky coax CCTV system with this CAT5e-enabled Black Box CCTV 16-Port Passive Hub. This hub allows you to create a centralized location for your video connections. With this CCTV hub, you can manage power and PTZ control in your large installation.

Taking advantage of 4-pair CAT5 cables, the IC562A sends video, remote power, and PTZ control through a single cable, allowing you to save money and space on cables. Additionally, this CCTV hub supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video standards and offers RJ45 and coax connectors.

As the pictures show, the Black Box CCTV 16-Port Passive Hub fits in a standard rack at a height of 1U. For those maximizing their security potential in a large facility, this hub is a great option with loads of functionality!

This product has a 1-day handling time.

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