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Black Box RJ11 Modular Plug Termination Kit (FTM600-R2)

Black Box RJ11 Modular Plug Termination Kit (FTM600-R2)

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Whether you are a seasoned pro or just learning to manage cables, the Black Box RJ-11 Modular Plug Termination Kit has all the pieces you need to deal with your RJ-11 plugs.

This kit includes a Deluxe Modular Plug Termination tool, able to cut cables, strip jackets, crimp, and smooth. The kit also comes with 50 RJ-11 and 50 RJ-22 modular plugs. Plus, it comes with a handy hard plastic case, so you can keep everything organized between jobs.

This kit comes in its original packaging.

This product has a 1-day handling time.

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